Cyber Security
We develop cyber security concepts to protect your systems, networks and data from digital attacks and to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your product.
Our expertise at a glance
Based on our extensive expertise in the cyber security environment of embedded systems, we support your development cycle from the initial threat analysis and risk assessment to the definition of security goals and the implementation of the corresponding security mechanisms.

Our approach is tailored to your development structure to leverage numerous synergies between security and protection approaches to create a product that is robust against cyber threats as well as E/E errors and systematic failures.

Depending on your specific requirements, winTEC either provides experienced specialists to support your team or offers entire development teams.
Our Expertise in Detail
Our cyber security experts
support you with:
Security Engineering
We support you in establishing a modern cyber security process and the corresponding roles to ensure compliance with ISO 21434. This is a prerequisite for identifying security vulnerabilities in current processes and embedded systems.
Hardware Trust Anchors
Implement a trusted key directly into the hardware or software to protect data access from your embedded systems.
Cryptographic Processes
Enable and implement a variety of security features on a dedicated microcontroller to prevent unauthorized third parties from accessing data or disrupting communication channels.
Management of crypto material
Clear definition of the generation of cryptographic material (keys, certificates) to ensure that only authorized people are involved. Implementation of the software to allow the customer to store their keys in a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
Secure onboard and offboard Communication
Implement secure communications for network messages and for the various ICs that communicate with the microcontroller to prevent unauthorized data access.
Intrusion detection and
prevention systems
Detect unusual network activity and take countermeasures to prevent corrupted messages from being forwarded to other networks through the gateway.
Why choose winTEC?

We have extensive experience in developing embedded software solutions for various industries.


Each project is tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, aiming for optimal results.


We emphasize quality and reliability in everything we do to ensure that your embedded systems function smoothly.


We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and support them throughout the entire development process.

Case Studies
Case Studies
At winTEC Solutions, we thrive on the challenge of transforming vehicles into intelligent, secure and connected devices through software or developing secure automation for the production lines of tomorrow. See for yourself and learn more about concrete use cases in our case studies.