Welcome to the cybersecurity portfolio of winTEC Solutions, a leading provider of automotive software solutions. At winTEC, we understand the importance of protecting our customers´ data and ensuring the security of their automotive software systems. With the increasing frequency of cyber attacks, we have made it our top priority to implement robust security measures to safeguard our customers’ assets.
With our integrated portfolio and industry-leading threat intelligence, winTEC Solutions gives you the scope, scale, and capabilities to attain effective security in a world of evolving threats.
Cyberattacks have been constantly evolving as a danger to organizations, data security, employees & the public equally. So, the best defence against unauthorized access & illegal extortion is a strong Cyber Security system.


Automotive cybersecurity refers to the practice of protecting vehicles and their electronic systems, such as infotainment, navigation, and safety systems, from unauthorized access, theft, damage, or manipulation by malicious actors. It involves implementing a range of measures to secure the vehicle’s digital network and prevent cyber attacks that can compromise the safety and privacy of drivers and passengers. This includes techniques such as encryption, authentication, intrusion detection, and response, risk management, and continuous monitoring of the vehicle’s electronic systems. With the increasing reliance on advanced technology in modern cars, automotive cybersecurity has become a critical area of concern for automakers, regulators, and consumers alike.
Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.

Types of Cyber Threats

There are several types of cyber threats that can affect automotive systems and pose a risk to drivers and passengers. Some common types of automotive cyber threats include:
Remote exploitation: This is when an attacker gains unauthorized access to a vehicle’s electronic systems and takes control of critical functions such as steering, brakes, or acceleration. This type of attack can be carried out through the vehicle’s wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth or
Malware: Malware is a type of malicious software that can infect a vehicle’s onboard systems through a variety of means, such as via USB drives, software updates, or over-the-air updates. Once installed, malware can steal sensitive data, compromise vehicle performance, or allow attacke
Denial of Service (DoS) attacks: These attacks involve flooding a vehicle’s electronic systems with traffic in order to overwhelm them and disrupt normal operations. This can result in the vehicle’s systems becoming unresponsive, causing a potential safety hazard.
Phishing: Phishing attacks involve tricking drivers or passengers into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials, through social engineering techniques. This can then be used to gain unauthorized access to the vehicle’s systems.
Ransomware: Ransomware attacks involve encrypting a vehicle’s onboard systems and demanding payment in exchange for the decryption key. This can lead to the vehicle becoming unusable until the ransom is paid.
Physical access: An attacker with physical access to a vehicle can potentially gain unauthorized access to its electronic systems through direct connections, such as via the OBD-II port or other physical interfaces. This can allow them to manipulate or control the vehicle’s systems.

Our Services

Cybersecurity is becoming a new dimension of quality for automobiles. The automotive sector is undergoing a profound transformation as vehicles are being connected to everything (V2X) – traffic lights, parking meters, other vehicles, and much more.
It’s all aimed at supporting innovations like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), shared mobility, autonomous driving, and electric vehicles (EV).
While these technologies improve safety, convenience, and even greening up our environment, this vibrant, dynamic ecosystem only works if we can trust it.That’s where winTEC comes in. From design to factory, to life on the road, you can trust in winTEC to safeguard vehicles, drivers and data. Typography
Our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals is dedicated to staying ahead of emerging threats and ensuring the safety of our customers’ data. We provide a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services tailored to meet the unique needs of our customers, which includes-

Consultation, implementation & support at system & software level to ensure compliance with ISO 21434

To help you comply with the latest cybersecurity standards, we offer consultation, implementation, and support at the system and software level, specifically for ISO 21434.
Our consultation services involve analysing your current cybersecurity measures and identifying potential vulnerabilities in your systems. We then work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to address these issues and ensure compliance with the ISO 21434 standard. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to keep your systems secure.
Once we have developed a plan, our implementation services will help you put it into action. We will work closely with your team to integrate new security measures into your systems and software, ensuring that everything is working seamlessly and in compliance with the ISO 21434 standard.
We also provide ongoing support to ensure that your systems remain secure and up-to-date. Our support services include regular updates and maintenance to keep your software running smoothly and efficiently, as well as 24/7 technical support to help you quickly address any issues that may arise.
We divide the service in the following broad sections-

TARA at System Level

Mitigation Steps Implementation

Incident Response Management

Automotive Cybersecurity Competencies

Our team of experts has extensive experience in automotive cybersecurity and is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that protect against cyber threats. We understand that cybersecurity is a critical component of vehicle safety, and we strive to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions available.
At winTEC Solutions, we have developed a set of competencies that ensure our team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide the highest level of automotive cybersecurity. Our competencies include:

Secure Boot

Secure Diagnostics

Secure Communications

Secure Public Key Infrastructure

Automotive Grade LINUX Security

Contact us today to learn more about how our consultation, implementation, and support services can help your business comply with ISO 21434 and stay secure in today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.

The Road Map

winTEC has a comprehensive roadmap for the upcoming year, which includes a number of new services in addition to its current offerings. winTEC’s plans for the future encompass the following initiatives-

Pre Audit & Audit Support

Consultation To build up Cybersecurity Mindset

White hat ethical hacking

From design to factory, to life on the road, you can trust in winTEC to safeguard vehicles, drivers, and data. At winTEC, we understand that cybersecurity is a continuous process. We are committed to investing in the latest technologies and best practices to ensure that our customers’ automotive software systems are protected from cyber threats. We are also committed to complying with industry regulations and standards to ensure that our customers’ data is secure.
We take the security of our customers’ data seriously and are committed to providing them with the best cybersecurity solutions in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about our cybersecurity services and how we can help protect your automotive software systems.
Contact us today to learn more about how our consultation, implementation, and support services can help your business comply with ISO 21434 and stay secure in today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape.